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Chances are, you have already heard about the social media platform for visual inspiration and mood boards aka Pinterest. Before you say that your business is too technical for this platform, read this short article on what Pinterest can offer even for the most non-visual businesses.

Some may think Pinterest is yet another Instagram-type of visual platform for lifestyle and beauty influencers. I can assure you that it’s not all that Pinterest is about. 

With more than 200 million monthly Pinterest users worldwide, this platform is created for showcasing products and services. When we imagine the customer journey, Pinterest often acts as an information resource before preparing to purchase. 

Additionally, Pinterest makes it possible to search for products by specific categories, for example, banana bread recipes, nordic lighting design lamps, small kitchen improvement ideas, and much more. The platform aims to create a community where everyone shares inspiring ideas, products, and services. 

Each idea, product, or service is represented as an image, video, gif that links back to websites, which is why Pinterest is ideal for driving traffic and sales to eCommerce platforms. So, how can Businesses raise more awareness from Pinterest? Here are five proven Pinterest post tactics that brought success for my clients.

1 Optimize for SEO

On Pinterest, the right keywords are the key to more views, Pins, and follows. Pinterest isn’t just a social media service; it’s also a visual search engine. Whether a business makes zucchini jams or provides beauty consultations, they need to know which keywords customers are using when searching for the product. It is possible to optimize for SEO only by researching the relevant keywords, which play an essential role in the platform. 

Try researching your competitors. Chances are they already use some of the top keywords. Also, search for similar products to see what other trending nouns and adjectives the item might have.

2 Pinterest Predicts

This digital issue is probably the most anticipated trend book every year. Millions of people make plans on Pinterest for guidance and inspiration on navigating their lives — from food to fashion to fun DIY projects and activities. The visual platform helps both consumers and content creators by publishing a yearly digital magazine on the trends that will rock next year. 

Even if some of the trends are not for your taste, still it’s worth taking a look to know what visual elements and colors we are about to see more in the coming year. The Pinterest Predicts digital issue comes out in December and is quite precise in predicting not-yet-trending trends.

3 Add the Save button on your website

Another valuable thing businesses can optimize their website for Pinterest is adding a Save button to all their photos on the website. Add the Save button to all pages, and the customers can save things straight from the website to Pinterest. This way more people can discover the products, content, and come to the e-shop. 

All it requires is a short piece of HTML code applied to each of your site’s pages. After that, the website users can save images for the site to their Pinterest boards. By the way, we suggest installing the Pinterest Chrome extension as well. It allows visitors on the business site to convert images into Pinterest Pins.

4 Post consistently

The Pinterest algorithm loves constant activity on the account. Consistently creating new content means adding Pins daily but not less than 3x per week. Adding a new Pin means a new image, description, hashtags, and link for every blog post, every product, and every service the business sells. The Pinterest algorithm is particularly keen on new and fresh content, so we advise keeping this precondition in mind when trying to beat the mathematical rule.

Try using tall, vertical images, as they look great on Pinterest. The recommended image ratio is 2:3. For example, businesses can use collage images with multiple photos showing how to use their products, or photo stories for a how-to recipe with your product! People pin more useful Pins and inspiring ideas.

5 Re-pin, comment, follow

Pinning other people’s Pins should be part of any business’s marketing strategy on Pinterest. The extra action might result in people returning to your Pinterest profile and re-pinning your content. Let them discover valuable content on your profile by pinning consistently (best if every day). 

My advice would be to re-pin, follow, and comment on other people’s Pins for 30 minutes every day. I have done it for my clients, and their profile traffic skyrocketed. Pinning and re-pinning regularly will also help to show up higher in the Smart Feed, where Pinterest shows the most relevant Pins.

Set up your account, try these five basic Pinterest tactics, and witness the growth! Also, don’t forget to monitor the optimized Pins. I suggest testing these tactics – create Pins based on these suggestions and some without them. I’d love to hear the feedback about your experience. 

Perhaps the results won’t be as instant as you’d expected or you don’t have time to follow the Pinterest algorithm. In this case, we can help with setting up your Pinterest business account scaling it for growth.