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A new player has entered the social media world, promising to significantly change how businesses and individuals interact in the social media space. META, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, has launched a new platform – Threads, which has been available in Latvia since last December.

Threads platform appearance is similar to Instagram but functions like X (formerly known as Twitter), offering a unique combination that promotes positivity and creativity in online conversations.

The platform is growing rapidly and has reached 150 million active users in less than a year. This opens up new opportunities for businesses that are looking for ways to increase their visibility and audience engagement. As the competition between social platforms only increases, Threads offers a new opportunity to stand out with your content and reach a wider audience.

3 Advantages for Businesses

  1. Easy Transition from Instagram: If your business already has an Instagram account, transitioning to Threads will be simple and quick. The biggest advantage of the new platform is that it allows you easily transfer your existing follower base from Instagram. This means you’ll have immediate access to your existing audience on the new platform as well.
  2. Broader Audience: The new platform is another opportunity to reach a wider audience, especially in its initial phase where organic reach is more accessible. Speaking of audiences, statistics show that Threads is a great place to reach a male audience, with 68% of the user base being men.
  3. Content Creation Opportunities: Threads also offers broader opportunities for content creation. The platform allows you to experiment with different content types and creative approaches, which can enhance brand trust and authenticity. Even though paid ads are not yet available, businesses can stand out with unique and engaging content, attracting both existing and new audiences.

Challenges and Opportunities

However, like any new platform, Threads comes with its own set of challenges.

  1. User Feed Structure: Similar to X, Threads offers two sections for users – Following and For You. The first section shows posts from users you follow, while the second features algorithmically determined posts from users you don’t follow. The positive aspect here is that your posts have the potential to reach users who don’t follow you (but the same opportunity is available to your competitors).
  2. Limited Functionality: The platform’s functionality is not yet fully developed, and some essential features, such as detailed analytics data (engagement rate, CTR, etc.), are not yet available. This can make it difficult to make data-driven decisions and develop successful marketing strategies.
  3. Integration with Instagram: Threads is closely linked to your Instagram profile, meaning that deleting your Instagram account will also delete your Threads profile. While this might be a drawback for some users, it also ensures a certain level of integrity and simplicity between the two platforms.

Threads – Yes or No?

Threads offers exciting new opportunities for businesses looking to stand out in the social media space. Although the platform is still in its early stages of development and has its challenges, it holds great potential for those who want to leverage a new channel to reach their audience. With easy integration with Instagram and potential future advertising opportunities, Threads could become an essential part of your social media strategy.

Is your business ready to start using Threads?